Green Elevation Farms

Frequently Asked Question!

Shipping time varies depending on where you live. We ship from Southern California, and shipping will either be done by ground or priority mail, depending on weight. We strive to have the products arrive to you within 1-4 days, though.

Due to laws regarding the sale of hemp derived products, we currently only ship to the United States.

If this happens, please call our customer service team to find out the best resolution to the issue. We want you to be happy with your purchase every time.

We want to find out what went wrong. Please call our customer service so we can help you. 

Thats great news. If you want to share Green Elevation Farms Products with everyone you know, we want to reward you. Please click on the affiliate link in the footer section of the site or give us a call and we can walk you through it. You can get paid while promoting (and your friends won’t have to pay more for it).

We sure do. You can click the link in the footer of the site to become a wholesale customer, or you can click here.

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